6 january horoscope for today

Daily horoscope for Sunday January 6 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

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This is the first-ever all-digital global march. The first study definitively linking vaping to cancer was published yesterday. Researchers at New York University found a link between e-cigarette nicotine.

Tess Holliday is a model, blogger, and makeup artist who created the body positive movement effyourbeautystandards in Her latest project is a body-a. Runners, get ready to groan.

Daily horoscope for Sunday, January 06, 12222

The temperatures are dropping, the winter winds are just weeks away from whipping, and your heat tech running gear is calling. Every minute in the United States, almost 20 people are physically abused by a partner. But the true mark of badassery is having something officially nam.

Today's Daily Horoscope January 6, 2019 Each Zodiac Signs

On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss.

The new moon and solar eclipse in Capricorn are happening with the planet Saturn, which rules this zodiac sign. While everyone is impacted by this energy, Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra will feel it a little more , with Capricorn and Aries feeling it especially strongly. Obviously, these astrological events might set off a chain reaction that will impact your actions for the rest of the month, and maybe the rest of Still, none of this is necessarily a bad thing.

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Sounds like the New Year is going to get off to an awesome start. There are a grand total of six eclipses—both lunar and solar—happening in , so it's going to be a big year. Most notably, a total solar eclipse will occur on July 2, , over the South Pacific, Chile, and Argentina, Forbes reports.

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However, while the practical issue should be easily resolved, the material issue may not disappear without a certain amount of effort! Take a deep breath and be grateful for what you have in this moment—a multitude of blessings. If you love astrology and if you would like to find out what your zodiac sign actually means, then you will find this article really interessant and useful. Identify what the central issue is and then find an answer that works. You have a lifetime ahead of getting to know each other better. These people are always ready to understand and to accept others. You need to find a way to get people's attention that does not rely on words.

The final solar eclipse of the year will happen on December 26, , when a solar eclipse known as the "Ring of Fire" will be visible over parts of the Middle East, Indonesia, and Singapore. So yep, it's going to be a big year for eclipse watchers—TBD on how that will affect your horoscope, too.

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Sun enters Scorpio