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2020 Virgo Horoscope

Venus enters Sagittarius

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October, 12222

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How The Rest Of This Year Looks For The Virgo Zodiac Sign, Starting Now Until September 2020

Would suggest those seeking astrological advice and solutions should visit him once. Astrology Article. Trusted Since Millions of happy Customers. Users from Worldwide. Effective Solutions. Venus retrograde will take place in your career zone and an angular house, which means this one will be felt powerfully. With all the emphasis on steamy romps with that stellium in your 5th house, you might find it hard to come into work at all. Mars retrograde could cause a bit of trouble in your 8th house of forbidden fruit looking at how the planets are configured there could be the chance of being whisked away by a tempting dark cupid.

If there is a court case going on and you are looking to clear some debts than this could be a time when you have to be steady and serious.


Again you have so much fun stuff going on it may be hard to focus and behave! You will also have to put out your most responsible and clean-cut image, but Mars in Aries will be much more difficult to tame than usual …. The big transit for you is the exciting trine from Uranus which you get to experience for most of the year. The useful lunar eclipse at the end of the year could shake things up a little. However, you will already be used to the electric and rebellious energy from the Uranus trine so it will not feel too problematic. You have the most spiritual transits this year but might find it difficult to keep yourself grounded.

The trick is not taking in too much Neptune from other sources.

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Try to limit alcohol, drugs, films and TV as you will be ultra sensitive to them. Any mind altering modality or substance will really confuse fantasy with reality in your brain. Lucky Virgo decan 3 gets all the benefits of the Capricorn power stellium with all three big ones trining your decan.

Needless to say, you must be going through a great deal of positive transformation and detoxing. Even if this is a trine, everything hitting at once may still feel quite overwhelming, kind of like winning the lottery.

It could even be too much of a good thing at times. In the third quarter of , but especially since September, the situation is changing at an amorous point where things begin to re-enter normal. However, there may still be reasons for disagreement between you and the dear, but as long as you communicate, they will not impress on the relationship with your loved one. In the fourth quarter of the year, surprises can occur in the chapter of love: the appearance of a child, marriage. Partnerships with others, collaborations with others and group projects are the sub-domains of this sphere of your life that interests you the most this year, but also those that will bring you the most benefits if you manage to turn the challenges that emerge your favor.

It only takes a lot of determination. In the first quarter of the year, but especially in March, tensions arise between you and your business partner, sign that the ratio of forces between you is screaming.

Put the books on the table and discuss any open issues. In the second quarter of , but especially from the end of June, the situation may get worse. There are many uncertainties, confusions, and issues that you have not thought about, which can put you in the wheel if you do not take concrete steps quickly. Do not abandon the ship. In the third quarter of the year, especially in July, the projects are stagnating, you are not able to honor your responsibilities honestly.

Whatever the situation, it is certain that the time has come for you to redraw.